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On more information on  abortion

In France, safe access to abortion has existed since its legalization in 1975. Since then, various laws have extended the rights of women to have free abortions.

However, the practice of abortion is rigorously supervised. It is possible to abort by medical method up to 5 weeks of pregnancy (or 7 weeks of amenorrhea) at home and up to 7 weeks of pregnancy (or 9 weeks of amenorrhea) in a health establishment (clinic or hospital) ). Medical abortions are performed by a doctor (gynecologists or general practitioners) or a midwife either in the hospital up to 9 weeks of amenorrhea but also at home up to 7 weeks of amenorrhea.

It is possible to have a surgical abortion (by aspiration under local or general anesthesia) up to 12 weeks of pregnancy (or 14 weeks of amenorrhea) in a health facility. In all cases, women wishing to have an abortion should consult a doctor or midwife. Surgical abortions are performed by doctors.

Abortion (regardless of the method chosen) and examinations associated with abortion (such as pregnancy dating ultrasound) are covered 100% (abortion package) by Health Insurance for all insured social benefits including beneficiaries of the complementary care. For women who are not covered by social security, exceptional care is usually obtained without delay through a social worker.

There is an official information booklet on abortion published by the Ministry of Health distributed in the CPEFs, abortion centers or town medical offices where medical abortions are performed. This IVG guide is also downloadable:

In addition, there is an official information website: IVG.GOUV.FR and a toll-free number 0 800 08 11 11 (anonymous and free national number). To facilitate access to a structure or a health professional practicing abortions, there is a website to find out where to have an abortion in France.