Abortion legal on demand until 12 weeks


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  • Abortion law Latvia

    As per 2002 Latvian law permits abortion within first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After which, abortion is allowed until 22 weeks if there are medical complications. Medical abortion registered and available.  Latvian law link The UN country report Read more »

  • Latvia clinics and associations

    Latvijas Ìimenes plâno©£anas un seksuâlâs veselîbas asociâcija “Papardes zieds” (LAFPSH ) A. Caka 83/85-22 str. Riga 1011 Latvia Tel: +371(7) 242 700 Fax: +371(7) 293 342 Grecinieku 34 Riga, LV-1050 Latvia Read more »