Abortion is legal up to 12 weeks. The abortion medicine, mifepristone is not available


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  • Abortion law Slovakia

    Law 73, 23 October 1986, effective January 1987 and amended through Law N° 419/1991. Abortion is legal on demand until 12 weeks of pregnancy. After which exceptions are made in case of  If the woman’s life or health is endangered If the healthy development of the fetus is endangered If foetal… Read more »

  • Slovakia clinics and associations

    For more information on where to obtain an abortion in Slovakia click here In a public hospital and abortion costs around 250 euro in a private clinic approximately 400 euro Slovenská spolocˆnost pre plánované rodicˆovstvo a v?chovu k rodicˆovstvu (SSPRVR ) RuÏinovská 1 Bratislava 82102 Slovak… Read more »