Não te prives

Group for the Defence of Sexual Rights

Não te prives is an organization founded in 2002 with the goal to promote human sexual rights and combat discrimination based on sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.
In the past year we were especially concerned with the public visibility of sexual rights, namely in the media and in the development of links with other organizations. Our main activities were related with the preparation and accomplishment of several workshops and major debates during the 1st Portuguese Social Forum, as well as in the city where we are based at. These activities at a local level comprehended debates and training workshops and focused issues such as prostitution, abortion and lesbian visibility.
We also devoted some of our energy to launching books on abortion and contraception or homosexual conditions in Coimbra, the city where we are based at.
In December 2003 we co-organised the Week of Human Rights, including a debate on Sexism and Homophobia, launching the women's rights journal Artigo Feminino (Female Article), a training workshop on LGBT rights and women's history and a colloquium on Human Rights and the City. This initiative allowed a very diversified amount of people (around 150 people, mostly students, teachers and researchers) to debate and reflect upon issues also related to sexual rights.
In 2004, our present activities have been much related with the political agenda currently operating in Portugal, that is, decriminalizing abortion upon request of the woman. In the first 2 months of this year we were organizing and promoting public debates and collecting signatures for the petition for a referendum on abortion law.
On the 8th of March we organised a very successful debate on Language and Prejudices in which we invited 4 specialists to talk to around 40 people, most of whom were women. Also in that week, in order to make media campaigning towards women's rights we asked 4 of our members to write about women's issues and we successfully published all of them in the main regional newspaper (Diário de Coimbra).
Our activities this year include a week-end training program on women's and LGBT rights, debates on youth suicide and equality between women and men, and preparing major moments for public expression of sexual rights, such as the 30 years of the Democratic Revolution (25th April), the Pride Celebration (26th June) and the visit of the boat of Women on Waves (September).

Associação não te prives
Apartado 3113
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