Abortion is legal. Mifepristone is available.


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  • Abortion Law: Guyana

    ABORTION LAW IN GUYANA The 1995 law divides pregnancy into four time periods.  Up to the eighth week of pregnancy, an abortion may be performed at the request of the pregnant woman by a medical practitioner or person under his or her supervision in any setting. Between the eighth and twelfth weeks… Read more »

  • Guyana: Clinics and Organizations

    Women's Organizations   Guyana Pesponsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) - IPPF 70 Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana tel: (592) 225-3286; +592(2) 53 286 , (2) 57 583 , 222 3286   Women's Clinics   Gynecologists & Obstretricians   Dr. Madhu Singh 314… Read more »