Abortion is permitted to preserve the health of the woman.
Misoprostol is not registered.
Please go to to obtain safe abortion pills.


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  • Abortion law Eritrea

    Background According to the most recent information available, abortion practices in Eritrea are still governed by the abortion law of Ethiopia. Since gaining its independence from Ethiopia in April 1993, Eritrea has sought to progressively adopt a new system of regulations; however, the Penal Code… Read more »

  • Eritrea clinics and organizations

    Planned Parenthood Association of Eritrea Address: P.O. Box 226, Asmara, Eritrea Tel:  (291-1) 127333 E-mail:   The Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women Address: Kulambiro, Kisaasi, Opposite Ntinda View Secondary School Kampala P.O. 24965… Read more »