Abortion is only permitted to save the life of the woman.
Misoprostol is difficult to get. Its under the brands Arthrotec and Cytotec. Cost between 1 to 2.14 US$
Please go to to obtain abortion pills.


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  • Venezuela clinics and associations

    Women with unwanted pregnancies who need help can get information about the best use of misoprostol for a safe abortion through safe abortion hotlines. Phones: 0426-1169496 / 0414-4916747 /  0412-9332364   Read more »

  • Abortion law Venezuela

    Abortion Law A person who provokes the abortion of a woman with her consent is subject to 12 to 30 months’ imprisonment. If the woman does not consent, the penalty is increased to 15 months’ to three years’ imprisonment. A woman who intentionally performs her own abortion or consents to its… Read more »