Abortion is only permitted to save the life of the woman.
Misoprostol sales have been restricted.
Please go to to obtain abortion pills.


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  • Abortion law Egypt

    Abortion Law The Penal Code of 1937 prohibits abortion. Article 61 grants an exception in cases of necessity which has typically been interpreted as to save a woman's life. Therefore abortion is illegal except to save the woman's life. In some cases abortion has been performed to preserve… Read more »

  • Egypt clinics and associations

    Egyptian Family Planning Association (EFPA) Address: 24 A Anwar El - Mufty St Apt.12 & 13 (Behind Tiba Mall) Nasr City Cairo 24 A Anwar El - Mufty St Tel: +2000 20 2 402 7852 , 00 20 2 4028458 Fax: +2000 20 2 4031240  THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT OF WOMEN Main Office… Read more »