Abortion is permitted to save the life of the woman, to preserve physical health, and to preserve mental health.
Misoprostol is registered and available under the brand names Cytopan, Miso, ST Mom®.


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  • Pakistan clinics and organisations

    Misoprostol is available under the brand names called: Miso, Cytopan, ST Mom®. Women with unwanted pregnancies who need help can get information about the best use of misoprostol for a safe abortion through safe abortion hotlines. At this moment there are safe abortion hotlines. Please call: +92333 Read more »

  • Abortion law Pakistan

    The Official Abortion Law A research studies conducted in 2002 and 2003 (by Population Council-Pakistan) reveals that a n estimated 890, 000 induced abortions occur annually in Pakistan Since  1997 abortions carried out before the unborn child’s organs have been formed are prohibited except when… Read more »