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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • 1663 Unplanned pregnancy & HIV Hotline (1663 สายด่วนปรึกษาเอดส์และท้องไม่พร้อม)
    - Sexual reproductive health, Unplanned pregnancy in teenage, AIDS/HIV,
    - providing information about sexual reproductive health, counselling and referring care-seekers to available hospital and clinics options as well as shelters and other relevant organizations.
    phone: 1663
    Facebook: @1663telephonecsg
  • 1300 OSCC Hotline (One Stop Crisis Center)
    - unplanned pregnancy, human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence/violence against female children and elderly
    - Providing information, giving counselling, referring to concerned organization and sectors
    Phone: 1300
  • Tam Tang Group (กลุ่มทำทาง)
    - Advocacy on abortion rights and access to abortion.
    - Feminist Activists Group that provide information, counselling via text chatting and referring care-seekers to available services. pre to post-abortion support. Run public activities, event and workshop to advocate abortion rights and access. There platform is also feminist and LGBTQ+ rights activists and advocacy community.
    Line: @tamtang
    Twitter: @TamTangTH
    FB: @SafeAbortionThailand
  • Choices Network Thailand (เครือข่ายสนับสนุนทางเลือกของผู้หญิงที่ท้องไม่พร้อม)
    - Unplanned pregnancy, Violence against women and children, domestic violence
    - A network of organization and activists in Thailand that focusing on violence against women and children as well unplanned pregnancy and access to safe abortion. They also support fund for certain cases such as sexual violence, domestic violence, etc.
  • RSA Thailand (Referral System for Safe Abortion)
    - A group of medical practitioners who provide safe abortion and advocate for better access to safe abortion. Their website provide information, articles, news and updates about abortion in Thailand and global.
  • Lovecare Station
    - A platform where providing all information about sex education and sexual reproductive health for young people. They provide chat counselling service as well as updated database about safe and legal abortion services in Thailand.

Community Comments

  1. "It's not difficult to access to the medication if you have funds. There are many hospitals and clinics that openly provide medical abortion service; however, the price of the combination package is relatively expensive. Can be between 2500 - 8000 THB for 1st trimester gestation (including other medical fee). However, there are several clinics that locally provide telemedication with lower price (around 1500 - 2500THB) but the care-seekers may need to do an ultrasound to confirm gestation age.
    In some local hospitals and clinics that have abortion service, the Ministry of Public Health may support/ subsidize your procedure and medical fee for up to 3000THB for getting a medical abortion. This may not applicable to very hospital and clinic.
    Mifepristone is not available over the counter (in pharmacies without prescription). However, it's quite easy to find from online shops or dark market under the other name of RU486 which oftentimes does not guarantee the quality or effectiveness. Same goes for Misoprostol.
    Do not buy the pills from online shops on twitter or Facebook. Oftentimes, care-seekers will not receive enough medication to complete an abortion or they may receive ones with poor quality and cannot prove the source of medication. Apart from the risk of getting unsafe abortion, the price to get enough medication from these shops can be very expensive and surpass the price of safe and legal abortion service in many hospitals.
    Try contact the local hotline for unplanned pregnancy and HIV 1663 or Tam Tang Group to get more information." - Anonymous - October 2022


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