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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • Marie Stopes International Bolivia
    Sexual and reproductive health, comprehensive sexuality education
  • Apoya Sorora
    WhatsApp: (+591) 69680209

    Information for access to safe abortions, post-abortion support.
    Feminist accompaniment group
  • La Casa de Las Cholas
    Information for access to safe abortions and post-abortion support
    Anti-racist and decolonial feminist collective and companions
  • Punto Seguro Beni
    Whatsapp (+591) 68962477

    Information for access to safe abortion, pre and post abortion support, comprehensive sexual education, prevention of sexual violence, access to contraceptive methods.

    Network of women in the department of Beni that facilitates access to a safe abortion and accompanying the process by providing reliable information and friendly and safe medical assistance.
  • Warmi Yuyainin
    Prevention and care of violence against women, information for access to safe abortions, post-abortion and pre-abortion accompaniment as well.
    Feminist and accompaniment group
  • CIES Salud Sexual y Reproductiva
    National NGO providing sexual and reproductive health services.
  • Feminist coalition Campaña 28 de septiembre
    Information and access to safe abortion. National feminist articulation that fights for the decriminalization of abortion in Bolivia
    Twitter @Campana28Bol
  • Colectivo Rebeldía
    Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights. Feminist NGO that provides information on access to safe abortion

    591 3 3368101
    Twitter: @RebeldiaBolivia
  • Estoy Contigo
    Informative website on the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy in Bolivia and on the WHO recommendations for self-managed abortion issued in 2022
  • Infórmate y Decide

    Information, advice and access to safe abortion and contraceptive methods
    Web page that provides information on legal/voluntary interruption of pregnancy (ILE / IVE) in Latin America and in the world seeking to reduce access barriers: Informative, through the chat available 12 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm Colombia time) and Geographic with health professionals distributed throughout the country.

Community Comments

  1. Mifepristone is difficult to access. It is not easily found in pharmacies, it is not available over the counter, it is not even found in hospitals. Only health institutions can buy from distributors.
    Accompaniment networks are the safest and most reliable way to get them. The pills are often offered on the internet but they are of dubious origin and are often false advertisements and scams.

    Misoprostol is available in pharmacies by prescription only. It is also available in hospitals but for internal use.
    It is also difficult to access, although easier than mifepristone because the drug is more widely available. The fact that it is sold by prescription makes it difficult to access.
    Like mifepristone, the safest way to get misoprostol is to do it through accompaniment networks.

    Voluntary abortion continues to be penalized. Several of the feminist and accompaniment groups will be able to provide advice, in some cases information and in other cases loving accompaniment.

    During and after the pandemic and due to the legal and social criminalization of abortion in Bolivia, pregnant women and people who require or wish to have an abortion are being defrauded with the sale of pills, for this reason it is advisable to resort to a collective or organization feminist.

    Marie Stopes Bolivia - November 2022
  2. Although it may be challenging to obtain abortion pills, they can be acquired through international organizations and institutions such as IPAS Bolivia, or through feminist and accompaniment organizations. - see how to use abortion pill - last accessed March 2023


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