Board members and Director

The board members of Women on Waves are:

  • Gunilla Kleiverda
  • Steve Chapman
  • Cees Hamelink
  • Patricia Atkinson

 The boardmembers do no receive any financial compensation for their work

The Director of Women on Waves is Rebecca Gomperts, MD, MPP, PhD, she has an annual bruto salary of 70000 euro

Rebecca Gomperts, MD, MPP, PhD

Founder and Director of Women on Waves and Women on Web Rebecca Gomperts…

Gunilla Kleiverda, MD, PhD

Gunilla Kleiverda (1955) registered as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in…

Marlies Schellekens, MD

Dr. Schellekens, 1955, has been a general practitioner in a rural community in…

Medical Licenses of Women on Waves

Women on Waves travels with a specialized abortion doctor, a gynaecologist, and…