Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP)

Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP) is a National Youth Association that belongs to an International Youth Movement (YAP Youth Action for Peace).

It belongs to and works closely with networks such as the Portuguese Social Forum (part of the World Social Forum), Portuguese Coordination for Fair Trade, Portuguese Platform for NGO's and maintains regular contacts with several local development associations and their platform (ANIMAR).

The central objectives of AJP are:

- the promotion of Human Rights, Justice, Democracy, Peace and Citizenship, against all kinds of discrimination and oppression, against distances and barriers

- the production of activities of non-formal education, seminars and trainings always associated with concrete projects and ideas, as much as with the production of knowledge

- the exchange of all times and spaces that exist in this global era: exchange of people, projects, methods, ideas and ideals all across the Globe (local, regional, international, transnational, trans-continental, and even global)

- The dynamisation, through this interests and priorities and trough its identity, of the village and region where its national centre is located: non-formal education for children and youth & resource centre, etc.

And the main topics or priorities are:

- Women, as being still discriminated

- Youth, as an important actor to the change and to build another world and globalisation

- The independence of the people, mainly East Timor, with whom we work for more than 20 years

- Democracy, as process that is still in it's beginnings and from which we are not close enough

- Human and Nature Rights, guaranteeing the equilibrium between both of them, that depend on each other, and willing to open this understanding of rights to strong demands of justice and to the notion of responsibilities


- exchanges, seminars, trainings in the non-formal area

- youth voluntary work, long-term and short-term.

- participation in platform and networks in order to build the common strategy and action plan that will enable public and civil opinion to influence formal powers and the appropriation of processes and attitudes of citizenship

- publication materials around several subjects

- host university students of 'socio-educative animation' for their internship

- regular activities in the international centre to children and youth: workshops, internet, computers, library, etc

Acção Jovem para a Paz (AJP)
Centro Internacional
Rua São João
3130-080 Granja do Ulmeiro

(T) +351-239-642815
(F) +351-239-642816
(TMV) +351 96 2477031

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