Abortion law Turkey

Law No. 2827 of 24 May 1983, Population Planning Law.

Regulations and Conditions: 

  • Married women need spousal consent 
  • Parental, guardian’s or magistrate’s courts consent required for minors (under 18) or mentally disabled. 
  • The above two requirements may be waived if there could be danger to life or to a vital organ unless urgent action is taken. 
  • Confirmation in writing, on the basis of objective findings by 2 specialists (one in ob/gyn and one in a related field) is needed in cases where there is risk to life of woman or risk of fetal malformation

Disparity in the Application of the Law:

Women in rural areas have limited access to safe abortion. Pre- and post-abortion counselling has not
been widely provided for, and there has been scarcity of family planning services in some settlements,
which could reduce the recourse to abortion law is very liberal in Turkey still there exist some
problems in practice which cause some barriers to access the safe abortion.

Information above has been retrieved from the official UN website. Full text can be found here.

For further information, please check the UN country report here.


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