Abortion law Uzbekistan

Order 500, September 15, 1992
Order 721 - 722, October 29,1996

Up to 12 weeks:
On request 

Second trimester:
Medical grounds
Social grounds 

 Consultation with a doctor
 Induced abortions are legal, if they are done at out-patient facilities and maternity hospitals during
the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. In some cases abortion may be done at a later period of
gestation if there are certain medical and social indications for termination of pregnancy. These
cases require strict control by qualified medical personnel.

Surgical abortion is the most commonly used method. Vacuum aspiration is not a common method as
it is relatively new in the country and in its initial stage.
Mifepristone is registered for medical abortion use. However, the method is not widely used. A 2008
Gynuity study aimed to encourage the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan to establish national guidelines
on medical abortion and improve access to the procedure.

Information above has been retrieved from the official IPPF website. Full text can be found here.




Abortion is legal